Peregon Creative is currently a one man show run by graphic artist, illustrator, and web designer, Derek Perez.

After getting my B.F.A. in Graphic Design from Georgia Southern University, I started working as an in-house designer at The Masquerade, a music venue in Atlanta, GA. This led to a lot of freelance work on the side where I was able to improve my craft while learning about the music industry.


I moved on to the corporate world and became a specialist in e-commerce web design and user experience. I continued to do freelance on the side, which allowed me to stretch my artistic vision beyond my role as Senior Designer at the web design studio. After several years of juggling late nights and early mornings, I left my job to start a design studio and pursue my dream of helping brands, bands, and businesses reach their goals through innovative design.
Derek Perez
I live in Atlanta with my girlfriend Veronica and our dog Diego. When I'm not designing, I enjoy going to concerts, exploring and traveling. I'm a big fan of bad Sci-Fi movies, Thai food, Game of Thrones, street art, baseball cards, Dragon Ball Z, stickers, coins, vinyl records and craft beer.

Random Fact: I have a black belt in Karate and I can make a mean plate of french toast.
Guard Dog
​​My trusty side-kick. Diego is an American Dingo / Pit Bull mix that guards the office from cats and vermin.